TikTok Video Size - The Full Guide.

By Thomas Tran on Aug 29, 2022

TikTok has become one the fastest-growing social media platforms around today. The app has made it to over 150 countries, has over 1 billion users, with a whopping 200 million downloads from the U.S. alone. It’s a favorite for the 13 to 40 age demographic who have swarmed to the platform to create massive audiences and elevate their influencer status. 

This brings us to how the platform operates, and more specifically, how to produce content with the right TikTok video size. This guide is about that and more. We’ll share other handy tidbits like video dimensions, what the actual maximum video file size is on Apple and Android smartphones, what TikTok video maximum length is, and share a web app you can use to optimize videos and upload them to TikTok. We’ll also share important guidelines for advertisers who want to win big on the platform.


TikTok Video Maximum Size

TikTok maximum video size is broken into more than one measurement. Video size relates to the file size of a video. It also relates to the dimensions of TikTok videos when published on the platform. And considering there are variances for what you can upload to the platform, we’ve detailed what’s possible below.


TikTok Video Dimensions: Portrait or Landscape?

TikTok videos can be uploaded in portrait and landscape. Ideally, you want to produce videos that show in portrait as these are the norm. All social platforms offer vertical video. They improve consumption, something that any TikTok account holder wants to ensure to have the platform’s algorithm work in your favor. 

As more of your content will be filmed with your smartphone, TikTok will automatically optimize it for portrait view. If you, however, want to switch yours to landscape, you’ll need to record it in landscape mode or upload a landscape-shot video to the platform. Alternatively, TikTok has a video mode button that appears when uploading videos.


What is the Maximum Size of a TikTok Video?

Ever wonder what the largest video file size you can upload to TikTok is? The answers may you tilt your head. The app is available on iOS and Android, and there’s a variance in max file size. 

Uploading a video from an Android mobile phone to TikTok will allow you to push all of 72 MB into the cloud. If you’re an Apple iPhone user, that number is just over 4x the amount. iOS users can upload as much as 287.6 MB.

While you are capped 60-second videos, and these file sizes may seem arbitrary, they’re not. If you’re a creator, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the pause before recording and the moment after you’ve created something. These bits are what should not make it to your published content. While the max file sizes differ between iOS and Android users, they help you use TikTok’s cutting tool to find and trim-off what shouldn’t show when you share content with the world.


What is the Length of a Video on TikTok?

Videos started as 15-second clips, grew to 60-second clops, and now 3-minute videos may be on the cards and are in testing with certain users. The 3-minute video length was picked up by various sources towards the end of 2020. 


It’s a step up from 15 and 60-second recording windows and could also be considered a gamble. Engagement is a major metric on all social media platforms. When TikTok introduced its 15-second videos, it proved that the short window allows for strong watch time and video completion numbers. 

We think that the same applies to 60-second videos, and we’re looking forward to what 3-minute videos will show. 3 minutes will mean that the creators will have to produce more interesting and entertaining content to keep viewers engaged, or risk losing followers and being penalized by TikTok’s algorithm.

How do you know if you can record 3-minute videos? Head to your app store and make sure you have the latest update of the app. Next, create a video to see if you have the option of recording for 3 minutes. This option is in testing and while some people have access to the option, TikTok has limited the pool to ensure that not too many creators and content are adversely affected by the potential new feature.


Top Tips for TikTok Video Ads

TikTok advertising officially made its way to market in 2019. It was one of the most anticipated opportunities for brands looking to cash-in on the 13 to 40 year old demographic. The platform introduced a collection of advertising solutions. They help target specific user groups, making it possible to narrow down who you’re drawing-in to drive awareness or sell to. 

With the advent of TikTok advertising, the need to produce content that hits all the right notes became essential. What follows is a set of best practices to help you create effective TikTok videos using the TikTok video size values above. 

Before we get into our top tips, let’s unpack TikTok ad types.


Types of TikTok Video Ads


TikTok offers standard and News Feed App Series Video Ads. There are a number of elements that differentiate ad types. 

Here’s a look at each: 


Standard Ads: TikTok in-feed ad

News Feed App Series Video Ads


- BuzzVideo in-feed ad

- BuzzVideo details page ad

- BuzzVideo story ad


- TopBuzz in-feed ad

- TopBuzz details page ad


- Babe in-feed ad

  • Babe details page ad


Ad Composition

  • Standard Ads: Video creative + ad display image + brand or app name + ad description
  • News Feed App Series Video Ads: Video creative + brand or app name + ad description


Aspect Ratio

  • Standard Ads: 9:16, 1:1, or 16:9
  • News Feed App Series Video Ads: 16:9 or 1:1


Video Resolution


  • Standard Ads: Resolution must be ≥540*960px, ≥640*640px, or ≥960*540px.
  • News Feed App Series Video Ads: No restrictions. We suggest a resolution ≥720*1280px, ≥640*640px, or ≥1280*720px.


File Type

  • Standard Ads: .mp4, .mov, .mpeg, .3gp, or .avi
  • News Feed App Series Video Ads: .mp4, .mov, .mpeg, .3gp, or .gif


Video Duration


  • Standard Ads: 5-60s allowed. We suggest short videos of 9-15s.
  • News Feed App Series Video Ads: No limitation. We suggest short videos of 5-60s.


Bitrate (apply to both)


≥516 kbps


File Size (apply to both)

≤500 MB


Profile Image (apply to both)

- Aspect Ratio: 1:1

- File Type: .jpg, .jpeg, .png

- File size: <50 KB


App Name or Brand Name (apply to both)

For app names, we support 4-40 characters (latin) and 2-20 (asian characters).

For brand names, we support 2-20 characters (latin) and 1-10 (asian characters). 


- Emojis cannot appear in the app name or brand name.

- Punctuations and spaces will also occupy characters.

- Depending on phone model and operating system, longer text can be at risk for not showing completely on the screen display.


Ad Description (apply to both)

For descriptions, we support 1-100 characters (latin) and 1-50 (asian characters). 


- Emojis, "{ }" and "#" cannot appear in the description.

- Punctuations and spaces will also occupy characters.

- Depending on phone model and operating system, longer text can be at risk for not showing completely on the screen display.

1. Use Vertical Videos 

Vertical video is the easiest way to share content. It’s optimized for smartphones, providing the best possible view of what you have to share.

2. Don’t Make it Long

9 to 15 second long videos are ideal for standard ads, while 60-second options are recommended for News Feed App Series Video Ads.

3. Grab Attention Immediately 

All savvy marketers understand that social media users are pressed for time when it comes to scrolling for content. They can’t seem to get through as much as possible soon enough. To beat scrolling, use an engaging image that stops users in their tracks.

Clean and Clear used contrasting colors and hashtags to catch viewer attention. This ad generated 7.6 million impressions and 1.3 million clicks.



3. Centre Your Content 

Like many other social media platforms, TikTok has margins that automatically crop content you upload. Be sure that you follow the recommendations above, and more important elements like call to action copy to the center to make it pop.

4. Don’t Forget Music

There’s no getting around the music side of TikTok, it’s what makes the platform so powerful. Use music that’s appropriate for your ads, and if you can, make it as trendy as possible by studying what your target market is into.

5. Add a Strong Call-to-Action

Calls to action can be argued to be the point of marketing in some circles. You want users to take action and CTAs help deliver results. Make yours clear, compelling, personalized, and obvious. Don’t give users a reason to scroll without taking you up on an offer. 


How to Optimize TikTok Videos With a Clideo

Have a video that isn’t your smartphone? Not sure how to optimize it for TikTok? This guide includes simple steps to take up to 20 different video file types and make them TikTok-ready in 3 steps.


Upload/Select Your Video

To get started, head over to Clideo.com. Next, Upload a video by choosing one from your personal computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox account. If your video is already published on YouTube, you can use it without having to download it first. Clideo will let you copy and paste the YouTube video URL or one from any other online resource. 

Note: The tool lets you edit files up to 500 MB for free.



Resize Your TikTok Video File

When your video is uploaded, the editor will open. Choose a preset or input custom dimensions. 


For TikTok videos, use 9:16 or 1:1 aspect ratio, or the ad ratios above. Next, crop your video and adjust the video with zoom and position selectors. Here, click the Fill button to crop the recording or “Fit” match the frame size.


Clideo allows you to zoom your video in or out, and you can also change your video’s background color and select a format for the output file. When done, click the "Resize" button.


Download Your Resized Video

We’re in the final stretch! Your video is ready to be saved. To make sure you’re happy with your creation, preview the video and ensure it hasn't lost quality. When satisfied, choose the file format you’d like to download your video in. 


Finally, click on the "Download" button. Videos can be saved to Dropbox or Google Drive. 


Create Amazing TikTok Videos

TikTok is an awesome platform. Its growth and market are primed for greater success. If you’ve been on the fence about the creation of optimized TikTok ads and videos, give these tips and tricks a try. They’ll help you produce better content to share with the world.

Looking for more on how to grow your presence on TikTok? We have a TikTok masterclass designed to help build your personal brand. 

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