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A Fully Detail Guide About Video Ad Formats In TikTok (with videos)

By Thomas Tran on Aug 01, 2022

TikTok currently has a vast global reach, with over 800 million active users globally, and has been crowned the most downloaded app of 2020 thus far, providing it a formidable platform for marketers looking to talk to a broad and engaged audience. TikTok's Ads Manager, in conjunction with their recently announced Marketing Partner Program, is assisting in opening up the platform for advertisers, allowing businesses to unleash their creative side while engaging with TikTok's young, tuned-in audience.

TikTok is an incredible opportunity for you to generate engagement and be creative with the personality of your company. However, because TikTok is a new platform, you may be confused about the many sorts of TikTok advertising and how to use them. This article serves as a starting point, guiding you through each format, how it works, and how it can be used to meet your various campaign objectives.

1. In-Feed Video Ad

In-Feed, TikTok's standard ad format, allows you to include a video ad that automatically plays within a user's For You feed. In-feed advertising can be up to 60 seconds (but the ideal time is around 15 seconds!). Because they use the same user interface as organic postings, they may play with sound and look and feel like original content.

TikTok's Ad Manager allows you to buy it directly. TikTok's In-Feed advertising may be utilized to achieve a number of campaign goals. Each has a clickable CTA button that may direct users to other landing pages, app downloads, or your brand's TikTok Business Account.

Create vertical In-Feed video advertising and take into consideration the safe zones you must work within to guarantee that none of your essential visual features are covered by TikTok's user interface overlay.

2. Top View

Utilize TikTok's great ad real estate to put your business in the spotlight. TopView advertisements catch users' interest by displaying at the top of the “For You” feed when they first open TikTok. Video in this format, like In-Feed Video Ad, can also be up to 60 seconds long, providing an immersive watching experience with no distracting content.

TopView is ideal for brand awareness campaigns due to its exceptionally broad reach and a high number of impressions. Brands could take advantage of this valuable placement by creating an engaging video that has an effective impact on customers’ memory.

3. Brand Takeover:

TikTok Brand Takeovers are full-screen, high-impact advertisements that appear as the very first element a user sees when they open TikTok. This format was designed for broad awareness, and guarantees incredibly high reach and performance owing to the full screen being clickable, eliminating friction between the ad and the intended destination.

Brand Takeover advertisements are simple and neat, consisting of a 3-second image or a 3-5-second video, and allow businesses to direct visitors to both internal and external landing sites.

4. Branded Hashtag Challenge

The Branded Hashtag Challenge, designed to support TikTok's unique user-generated content (UGC) aesthetic, is a method of engaging customers by promoting content co-creation. Within the app, the format can be divided into three placements.

First, you have standard video ads appear in the In-Feed placement, inspiring users to take part in the challenge. Second, there is a featured banner on the Discover page that directs users to the Hashtag Challenge page (third placement), which is the core of the challenge, gathering videos submitted for the challenge from across the world.

5. Branded Effects

Branded Effects allow businesses to express their fun side by creating accessible branded stickers, filters, and effects for viewers to use in their own video content. These effects may be used in single campaigns or combined with your Branded Hashtag Challenge to provide a more immersive ad experience.

The value of Branded Effects, like Hashtag Challenges, resides in the fact that these formats go beyond merely being an ad: your audience becomes engaged and involved, resulting in significantly higher levels of engagement.

Take off with TikTok

TikTok provides brands with an efficient approach to interact with a younger audience since over 60% of TikTok's user-base is Generation Z. TikTok supports businesses in engaging with this audience by providing different ad formats that speak TikTok and easily integrate with native content while delivering maximum results.

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