1. Service fees + Tax

You have to pay three kinds of fees to use our services:

Total fee = Service fee + Tax + Subscription fee

Payment Methods Rate (n% X Top-up amount)
  Service Fee Tax Total
Credit Card 6% 6% 12%
Payoneer 3% 6% 9%
USDT 3% 6% 9%
BUSD 3% 6% 9%


2. Subscription & Pricing

Expert Ad Management. Simplified Pricing.

From April 5, 2022, PATI Creative Agency officially released a subscription plan including 6 packages, allowing customers to open multiple ad accounts for a fixed monthly fee.


Plan Regular 1 Regular 2 Regular 3 Regular 4 Regular 5 Enterprise
Price (Month) $9 $19 $29 $39 $49 $249
Ad Account number 1 2 3 4 5 50
Payment Method
Credit card
Review Landing Page
Review Ads Campaign
Technical Support
Connect with TikTok Team
Unlimited Spending
Direct Support 24/7          
Training 1 on 1 with Expert          
Event Sponsor          


Note: If user change the subscription package before the expiration date, the remaining money will be accounted for in the next package.

📢 Please send us the product URL for review before upgrading the package

There are two reasons:

  • We will not open a new ad account if you use it to run the products that violate TikTok policy.
  • Subscription fee will not be refundable.


3. PATI Creative Agency policy for violating account:

⚠️ Fine $200 for a suspended account

⚠️ Fine $100 for a violating account

  • If the account is found running trademark or copyright, PATI Creative Agency has the right to immediately revoke the account and the lessee will be subject to a fine of $100.
  • If receiving a warning from the TikTok or PATI Creative Agency team, PATI Creative Agency will be forced to revoke the running account and consider re-granting it if the lessee commits to comply with the policy
  • The level of compensation if the account is suspended is $200 if the fault belongs to the customer. The determination of the fault will be decided by PATI Creative Agency.
  • PATI Creative Agency will not support refunds if customers get our ad account suspended for any reason.