About Us

Hello, we were once individuals with various sleep issues - from trouble falling asleep to chronic poor sleep quality. If you have the same problem, you are in the right place! We founded Comfy Sleep in 2021 to help people sleep better.

Poor sleep has major consequences. It harms our performance, our concentration, and even our alertness. It also makes us unhappy and moody all day long. Chronic illnesses brought on by subjective sleeplessness have tormented family members and members of our staff. Yet we recognize sleep issues too often go undetected and untreated. One counterintuitive reason is that there is so much information on how to get better sleep. It may sound great, but the fact that it can be mixed with a lot of unscientific or completely wrong information. Companies that want you to buy their products as a panacea are just exaggerating their products.

So we have dug into the science, talked to countless experts from different disciplines, and analyzed existing research and data, all in a stable operation and development process. After a long preparation, we finally launched our first product in 2021 - Comfy Sleep Blanket. But even here, sleep is complicated. One thing you can be sure of: there is no one-size-fits-all solution (NO-SUCH-THING). There is no “this one product will forever improve your sleep” There is no “just use this ointment, and you’ll sleep better” That’s just not how it works.

We are happy to discover that many people have solved their sleep problems with the Comfy Sleep Blanket. This is the motivation for us to constantly develop and research new products. We are working on finding the best ways to combine different products. We look into how physical objects like blankets and pillows can best be combined with nutritional supplements or diets, how to use technology to monitor and improve sleep, and so on.

Follow us. Comfy Sleep will accompany you in every sleep!